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News: (7/8/2017) Vespa presence in Piedmont, Italy

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This is the most comprehensive site for awareness, information, and solutions about the Vespa Velutina plague that's spreading all across Europe and the United States.

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The Ferocious Vespa Velutina

Save Your Bees from the Ferocious Vespa Velutina

  • There is a serious risk to beekkeepers from the invasive Vespa Velutina, which will starve your hive by preventing bees from leaving the hive to forage for pollen. The innovative Vespa Shield creates a transparent barrier keeping the killer hornets away from your hive, while providing safe exit routes for bees to allow them to fly safely into and out of the hive to gather food.

The Threat Is Spreading Worldwide

The Vespa Velutina is invading form the south and is a serious risk in Africa, Brazil and South America. And it's now attacking Europe. Could we be far behind?  


PDFs for Download

  1. Information Sheet - Asian Hornet by Hymettus and Bwars
    A one-pager showing the spread of the Vespa in UK and France. Features background information, life cycle, habitat requirements, and threats.
    (Quick Read)

  2. Pollinators In Peril
    A systematic status review of North American and Hawaiian native bees. 15 pages, including endnotes.

  3. Vespa velutina – The Asian Hornet
    Habitat and Description of the Nest, Life Cycle, Behaviour and Risk to Humans. 4 pages.
    (Moderate 15 minute read)

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  • Vespa Velutina
    This section contains comprehensive information about the ferocious Vespa Velutina. Complete with pictures, anatomical illustrations, and origin maps. This will help raise awareness and know more about this threat that is a menace to both beekeepers and homeowners alike.

  • Solution? The Vespa Shield!
    All about the Vespa Shield, the breakthrough product that keeps the Vespa Velutina at bay while keeping your bees and apiaries safe and healthy.

  • Become A Distributor Now
    Contains the contact information of Gordon and Frederique, the genius inventors of the Vespa Shield. Also outlines the list of distributors in the USA and Europe. Become a Distributor Today!