The Solution? The Vespa Shield!

The Solution? The Vespa Shield!

  • The Vespa Shield is an innovative, lightweight, portable, inexpensive, and easy to install see-through barrier that prevents the Vespa Velutina or other hornets or large insects from flying through the oval openings to attack the hive.

  • The bees can freely exit the beehive, and escape through any of the dozens of different holes. They have free access to the hive. So, the hornet and other predators are kept at bay, unable to fly through the oval openings that are narrower than their wingspan.
  • The Vespa Shield is just that -- a shield. It only protects the bees and apiaries defensively. While we're not actively killing the hornets, we're causing them a great deal of stress because they're spending so much time hovering outside. Thanks to the Vespa Shield, the hornets are not able to reach the bees and the apiaries, which serve as their main food source. They end up starving and they don't have enough energy to go back to their hive, thus causing the hornet colony to dwindle and die.

Assembly, Installation, Mounting

An HD video showing how to mount your Vespa Shield to the Home.

How to Install the Vespa Shield

  • Easy to install. All you need is a staple gun, and in 30 seconds you've installed your Vespa shield.

Assembly Instructions, in HD Video


1. The Vespa Shield in Action 

  • The bees can freely enter and exit the numerous holes located throughout the barrier.
  • On the other hand, Vespa Velutinas and other hornets and large insects are unable to fit through. The oval holes were especially designed to ensure that these predators stay out.

2. Vespa Velutina vs Bees

  • The Vespa is almost 3x larger than the honeybee. Who will win, a swarm of bees or the ferocious Vespa? You'll never guess what happens next.

3. Bees successfully defeating Hornet attack

  • The Hornet does not do too well in this video!

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